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Truth or Dare

We have all played the game at some point in our lives. You choose to tell the truth or take on a dare and you are asked a question. The nature of the question is usually an intrusive one of some sort and you have to answer it or proceed to do the dare. The dare is usually something embarrassing or fear inducing on your part. You have to trust the friends you are playing with, as their questions or the dares imposed can be pretty intense or demanding, or fairly easy and general. It's the intense and demanding questions and dares where things get interesting.

I was recently in attendance of a proceeding where it was similar to a game of Truth or Dare. When the questions were laid down, on of the participants had instead chose the route of omission of some of the truths. The results were interesting, that's for sure and as it is my understanding, omission falls within the boundaries of lying as you chose not to reveal some things in an attempt to cover them up. Don't ask,…

Varied perceptions

Have you ever been to a sporting event or maybe a dance recital with a friend or family member to watch them perform? During their performance you notice a slight bobble in things. They hold on and recover quite nicely, but talking to them afterwards, their view or idea of what happened was much, much worse than how it looked?

We have all done it. Been in the middle of something and felt like everything was going wrong, yet to those who are watching, sure it may seem that something is amiss, but not nearly as horribly wrong as it feels to us, there in the spotlight, IN the moment...

We all strive for perfection or at least as close to it as we can get. Maybe we want to be thinner, prettier, more masculine, have longer, curlier or even straighter hair, maybe we wish we were taller. We all have something we would like to change about our bodies, go ahead and admit it. I'm not going to judge you for it or tell anyone. How can I when I have my own shortcomings, things I would like …

Is it fair?

I recently asked someone to put themselves in my shoes.
What I failed to do is to put myself in theirs. 

How can I expect them to understand my point of view, if I don't even try to understand theirs?  Not fair on my part at all.  I barely realized this last night and deeply apologized for the oversight. 

Unresolved resolve

I have heard it said in many different circles, that when you dream of someone from your past, it is because there is underlying issues of your relationship that are still unresolved.  I recently dreamt of someone from my past, obviously or I wouldn't be writing this now. In the dream, they came back to where I was.  We did not speak or even touch, but I seen them and therefore, knew they were back.

The funny thing about this, is that everything between us was resolved long ago. Nothing unsaid that needed to be said, no hard feelings, no annimosity, nothing. Everything has been laid to rest and we both moved on in life. So what's the big idea of them showing up in a dream? I have also heard it said that when you think of someone, it's because they are thinking of you.  I guess time will tell...

A place to land

The moon over my shoulder,
A breeze in my hair,
A chill to be felt,
In the brisk evening air.

We sit on the bench,
At the edge of the park,
And listen to the sounds,
As the light fades to dark.

 I close my eyes,
As I sink into you arms,
The warmth of you touch,
Just one of your charms,

With my head on your chest,
I can hear your heart beat,
Time stands still for us,
As life moves on in the street.

The lights come on,
Electric stars bright the sky,
We sit there together,
Letting time slip on by.

You kiss me so gently,
On top of my head,
Quiet peace comes over me,
A single tear shed.

The turmoil is over,
The chaos is gone,
Our lives have changed,
Now it's time to move on.

You hold me close,
As we stand up to leave,
How far we have come,
Is sometimes hard to believe.

To think of the hell,
We have both been thru,
To think we could love again,
So strong and so true.

It's been a long journey,
Finally come to an end,
So calming and healing,
Having some place to land.

Comparing notes

We all know I have posted before about having a stalker here on the blog. Someone who checks now and again to see what I'm up to. They haven't the nerve to post anything and when they do, it is supposed to be slightly sarcastic and smart, but has little to no real thought or feeling behind the words.  It is all a ruse to stir up some shit. Well mint for ya, the stink.

Recently there has been several unfortunate happenings in the chain of events in Pixieland. One of my friends is getting divorced, one friend no longer speaks to her mother and another friend has lost her mother altogether. All sad events, but sometimes these are the things that bring closure. These are the things that allow us to move on to better things in life.

One of these friends was almost afraid to say anything to me as I have had a lot going on in my life and she didn't want to cause me any issue, as she didn't think our problems came close to comparison.She laughed when I mentioned that, "…

Into Darkness

Behind the mask,
Behind the shroud,
Life can be crazy,
Scary and loud,

People you knew,
Or you thought you did,
Have skeletons galore,
They keep them well hid.

The front they put up,
Day after day,
They acting they do,
The roles that they play,

They keep things going,
Long and fast,
Keep you guessing,
If this day's your last.

They're toxic within,
They're repulsive side out,
They're loathsome, revolting,
disgusting no doubt,

All that is evil,
twisted and sick,
Is wrapped up inside of them,
Ever so slick.

Never before,
Have you felt such a dread,
Thoughts of fear swirling,
Inside of your head,

The air has turned cold,
You can see your own breath,
The veil has thinned,
Between life after death.

"But fear not" you are told,
Whispered quiet in your ear,
By the Shamans of old,
Who have brought you here,

A lesson to be learned,
That is understood,
Detecting the subtlties,
Between evil and good.

For those who slip by you,
Can cause you such harm,
Without even kn…

Off course

I started a project once, with no real plan in mind. I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like when done, but no real pattern, no measurements, no directions, no list of materials and I just went with it. What I ended up with was similar to what I wanted when I started, but it was also vastly different too. I was so far off course that to look at the two things in comparison?  Whooo boy....  

The reason I post this now is because the post to follow, started out again with one thing in mind and went a completely different direction. But sometimes that's what happens. You start out with an idea and along the way you change direction, get off course and it turns out exactly the way we planned.  Sometimes you just have to surrender and go with it.

We all fall down

We all know the nursery rhyme from days of old.

Ring around the rosy,
pocket full of posies.
Ashes, ashes,
we all fall down.

And then we grew up. We stopped singing the song. Stopped holding hands and going around in a circle before everyone threw themselves on the ground on purpose. But that didn't stop us from falling down. We just don't do it on purpose anymore.

Sometimes we let our guard down or focus too strongly on something else, that we don't even see it coming. You get fired, divorced, or diagnosed with a dibilitating disease. Something comes from out of nowhere and knocks us for a loop. We all fall down.

Some people never seem to miss a beat. They simply brush it off and keep moving like nothing happened. Other people are down for the count. One blow and they never recover. Most of us though, get back up, brush ourselves off and try again.

There have been several times in life that I have fallen down. I have been fortunate enough to have good …

Walking a mile

Things have come up lately in life that have disappointed me, frustrated me and really put a lot of undue stress on me. But hey, that's life and you just roll with it, right? UGH! *grumble*snarl*grumble*

Under all of this have come times when feelings get hurt, thoughts are pushed aside and things are said that are incredibly hurtful. We all know that once said, they cannot be taken back. You just can't un-ring that bell.

Sometimes it only takes a moment or two, to stop and think about what the other person is going thru. What kind of crap they have going on in life and how they feel, before you open your mouth and cause more harm than good.

We can't often walk a mile in their shoes, and sometimes we can't even walk a few steps for them, but stopping to consider their feelings before saying something that could be incredibly damaging may bring some things to light for both sides and save a friendship.

If not you?

A friend of mine has gone thru some terribly troubling matters in life. It was almost as if the flood gates of Hell had opened up on her at times. Just when it seemed like she would get a reprieve and things would settle down, here come the next wave of chaos and there she went, swept out with the tidewaters.

I have a small close knit circle of friends and although many of us wished we could help her, wished we could ease the burdens, wished we could help carry the load, there wasn't much any of us could actually do FOR her. Thru it all, she seemed to carry on, kept a hopeful and often positive attitude. I'm not sure that I could have done that. One day I asked her how she did it. How she could maintain some sense of normal in her life when it all seemed to be going wrong. Did she ever wish it was someone elses problems? Because really, we all like to think bad things never happen to us, right?

That's when she told me to think about the worst things in life that have happ…

Will you back down?

Imagine lying in bed asleep and being awaken by the sound of a man's voice. The voice is as if he were standing right next to your bed. Clearly and distinctly you hear the question. Will you back down? You awake from your sleep, look around and there is nobody else in the room. The voice was nobodys voice that you'd recognize. The question is one you can't put any logical sense to. At least not that you can discern as of yet. What do you make of that?

Snap decisions

I have never been good at snap decisions. I like to take my time and mull things over. Sort thru the facts, look for questionable issues, uncover some hidden gems and muddle thru.  To me a snap decision has often come in the heat of an argument, and yields poor results. Thinking things thru you usually stand a better chance of a better outcome. I worry of people who seem to rush things.

I know there are people who can make snap decisions and make good, sound decisions on the fly. If it is something like where am I eating today? Do I want to go this way or that way? I can do that. But if it is something like buying a car, house or lier jet? I would rather take my time and buy wisely. Do the research and look things up. 

I understand that sometimes, time is of the essence and you need to move quickly or the offer will be rescinded or the best deals sold out.  Those decisions I can sometimes make in a flash. But is it just me? Am I alone on this one or does my misery love company?

Questioning faith

Last week someone asked me about my beliefs, asked me if I follow a coven and asked me straight out if I were Wiccan. Where had I learned it? Who taught me? How often do I practice? One thing that struck me was how they asked if it was any different than a religion? They asked who I prayed to or if I prayed to anyone?

At one point they asked if I cast any spells. We both had a good laugh about when and where I did my best spell work. The questions kept coming and I did my best to answer them all as honestly and clearly as I could. It was an interesting conversation and often one sided as they listened and tried to take things all in and understand.

In the end, one of the things they said, struck me rather odd. For all of my spell work, all of my prayers, all of their prayers and beliefs, they still had illnesses to contend with, had suffered injuries in life and how could that be so when you are asking for guidance and protection? What else struck me rather odd is that my friend with…

Define me?

My friend got the test results back and although there is something going on that is to be treated, they went for more tests and everything else came back clear- so both good and bad news there. Anyone who offered up their prayers- We are both incredibly greatful to you. Thank you!

When my friend first got their test results back, I left it up to them to discuss it as they felt comfortable doing so. I know that sometimes it doesn't 'hit you' that you have something, until you hear yourself say the words- "I have _____." and it can be quite the reality check when you do.  Some things seem to carry a 'death sentence' type stigma with them. Thankfully theirs does not.

The other night when we were talking, it all came up and it was almost as if the condition was defining who they were. They were a number, a statistic, not the person I know and love. It was almost like I should run away screaming because of it. It is not contageous, they are not capable of tra…

Bad Habits

I used to smoke,
I used to drink,
I used to do crazy things,
and didn't much often think.

Life was good,
the skies were fair,
I made no plans,
my schedule on the air.

She's breaking all of my bad habits
I don't seem to mind
She's giving me new ones,
and blowing my mind.

I used to gamble,
I used to drive fast,
I always had to win
Never accepted being last.

I used to eat greasy,
Dripping, fat and fried,
Now it's home grown veggies,
and homemade apple pies.

I used to watch pornos
all kinds of slasher flics,
I used to like the movies,
where the bad guy got the chics.

She's breaking all of my bad habits
I don't seem to mind
She's giving me new ones,
and blowing my mind.

Now it's healthy eating,
Every night we take a walk,
Sitting on the porch swing,
Under the stars we talk.

Even the dog likes her
Always comes when she calls
He sits, he begs and plays dead for her
She's wrapped around his paw.

When someone is so special,
You find that perfect girl,

Knowing what I know

I had to laugh a while back, when someone I knew told me such a bold faced lie, said it so convincingly (or so they thought) that it must have been the truth. Because in their world it is gospel. Their spoken word is to be taken as the truth 1000% in case anyone didn't know... Bwahahahahahaha

For what they were telling me, I have seen with my own eyes, proof of the exact, polar opposite. Which is why this person is kept at arm’s length, their words taken with a grain of salt and not to be trusted any further than they can be thrown.

In life it is people like this that give the rest of humanity a black eye. They are the epitome of the countless reasons why trust and respect are often difficult to establish. When called out on their transgressions? Might you be prepared for more of the same as the countless lies will spill forth in an uncensored flow of absurd proportions. They know no end to the game of deception.


In a recent conversation with a dear friend, we spoke of what happens in life when you have to give up things that obviously mean or meant a lot to you. Do you mope about over it, look back with regret or do you embrace it and say it was something you did once?

I think I caught them a little off balance when I said "I am glad I at least get to try it."  I tried it and can then form my own opinion on it. I could make a decision if I liked it and would continue on with it or give it up, deciding it isn't my taste of things.

This applies to so many things in life- food, movies, clothes, sports, literature, music...

Is there anything you have given up in life that you can say without regret that at least you got to try it?

Making Circles*

My friend went in for testing yesterday and I was admittedly quite on edge. It sucks that I couldn't be there for them and that alone disappointed me to no end. As it was, I sent them messages of love via text, and was constantly watching both the clock and my phone for word that they were done. I just want everything to be ok.

Life has restrictions sometimes, that can't be overcome at the moment. Obligations need to be met, commitments need to be kept and life throws you a curve that doesn't comply with any of that. I let my friend know the night before, that if there were any way I could have been there- I would be there in a heartbeat. I really appreciate everyone’s support, payers and well wishes at this time. It means a lot to me. You guys are splendid that way!

It is only the testing at this point and no further information will be readily available until things are sent to the lab and meanwhile you wait... I'm not sure how long it will be before they get the r…

Caught in limbo

Forgive me if this post should seem a bit dark, as I have recently had things weighing heavy on my mind. A very close, very dear friend of mine is battling cancer. After surgery and chemotherapy, the cancer marker numbers are slowly climbing back up again.  Another very close, very dear friend of mine is facing a medical procedure with trepidation of the results. It is uncertain at this point if further testing or surgery will be needed. Another friend of mine still battles the lasting effects of their cancer while another still is doing the same.  One of them died three times while on the table during surgery, yet he is fortunate to still be here.

Then there are people I wish would just go away and yet they are healthy as can be. What gives? 

There have been people I have known that have passed and sadly enough, their wake was the kind you attend only to be sure they are really, truly gone.  The eulogy almost sickening to listen to, as it is disgustingly laden with half truths and e…

No regrets

I once let someone very dear to me at the time, slip away from me without telling them how I felt. I carried that baggage around for about four years. I thought of them often, wondered if I would ever get the chance to tell them and hoped beyond prayer that they were ok all this time.

During that time- I moved several times, got a new cell phone, changed my number a few times and still thought about them every. single. day. I knew it wasn't right for us to be around each other, we would never get along well enough to live under the same roof sharing a flat and knew they had issues. I also knew they could call, email, write or even show up in my life (or on my doorstep for that matter) on any given day. This person always, always, Always knew how to find me.

When the day came to finally have the chance to tell them how I felt, how I thought of them every. single. damn. day... it was one of the most awkward moments life could have ever thrown my way.

I took that chance though. I…


Some things in life you can't ever apologize for. There's just no way to undo what has been done. There are no words to change it, make things better and fix the trust that has been broken. There is no way to unhear what has been heard, unsee what has been seen and undo what has been done.

Forgiveness isn't even an option when the guilty party has no remorse. They don't believe they have done anything wrong. They have heard what they wanted to hear, chosen to listen only when it applies to them and made selfish choices, never considering the ramifications to follow or the lasting effects it has on others around them.  Theirs is a perfect world, just ask them.

In time we may get over the pain, bury it and let it settle. We may even be able to forget about it for a while and not let it bother us as much. Truth be known, it chips away at us on the inside. It's there for us every day, bothering us in the far reaches of our mind. We never know when it will happen, wher…

Simply sorry

There are often things in life that we do or say, going about life as usual and without any clue or inclination that it is happening- we hurt someone we love. It's not intentional, it's not malicious in any way, but it is still there and the damage has been done.

Subtle changes in the tone of their voice as the initial blows are inflicted, may go unnoticed. Their touch may not be as warm as it once was, nor offered as often or generously. What started as a small crack on the surface, slowly grows until there is a dip, then a rut and if left unnoticed becomes a gaping crevasse before long.

Sometimes it isn't even so much what you say or do, but comments made by others about situations that concern you. Maybe an innocent question, but asked out of curiousity and suddenly your loved one is guilty if only by association. It wears on them and if left unchecked, like a wound it will fester and eat away at what you once had. The salve of recognising it and sincerely apologizing…

Lying it aside

Once I had dispelled the myths in my brain about all of the things I was nervous, harassed, worried, concerned over and dreading, I was able to talk to my friend about what sparked it all off. As it turns out, there were/are concerns on both sides of that fence. Many of them that my friend had were just as unfounded as my own. We were both putting way too much into things that wouldn't be happening overnight and as agreed- when the day comes... then we will see what is to come of it.

Step back and take a deep breath

Lately my thoughts have run away with me on a matter that has been troubling me. I had been envisioning a situation that is not even close to happening and have been tossing things around, mulling it over in my mind and truthfully, expecting the worst case scenario to play out in a multitude of horrendous different ways...  We all do this, don't we?

As bad as it may seem to me, in reality it is a lot different. I took a step back from it all, took a few deep breaths and looked at things from a different perspective. As much as my thoughts may be rushing things, how it will pan out could be entirely different when it finally comes to fruition.  I may still have my concerns, and these should never be discounted, but as far as my worst fears and all that hooey-hullaballoo that goes with them- there really wasn't a lot to be caught up in to begin with. 

My last post about unspoken words? I was trying to find the courage to tell a person about my apprehension. Now that I have a cl…

Unspoken words

I admit to being one of those people who is not blessed with the talent or knack of always knowing the right thing to say at the right time. Sometimes I write a post and go back to edit it, change things up a little and 4 hours, 1068 drafts later it is nothing as it started out as.

Some people are truly gifted in the capacity of knowing just what to say when someone has lost a pet, friend or even a family member. They know how to ease the loss, make light of things and the world is so much better just because they are in it. I am not one of them- I am not gifted in that respect.

When there is something tough to say, something that may cause someone else pain to hear, but they need to hear it, I stumble over my words. I struggle to find the right ones because we all know that once said, you can't ever take them back.

Buck the trend

In my last post about proverbs, I mentioned looking for things to go wrong or finding the deal breakers. Sure if you expect them to show up- they will not be one to disappoint. 

We all try to protect ourselves from bad things, have the foresight to be able to divert the icky stuff and come away relatively unscathed. We hope we can forsee the potholes in the road of life and navigate around them if at all possible.

The problem with always being on the 'lookout' for the bad stuff and negative vibes is that you miss out on life. You might have fun, but there are times you can admittedly have had more fun, if you hadn't been waiting for the boogeyman to jump out at you along the way.

Let's face it. Bad things happen to everyone. So do good things. While one person surveys the situation and thinks that everything that could have gone wrong, did...   Someone else will look at the same situation and see good things that have come out of it. 

I know I have let emotion get i…


We have all heard the saying about how sometimes looking for something can be like trying to find the proverbial "Needle in a haystack".  I am pretty sure at some time we have all found ourselves trying to find the blasted needle at one point or another. That haystack seems huge and the needle is nowhere to be found, or so it seems.

Then there are times when things just seem too good to be true. So we wait for the other shoe to drop and let the chips fall where they may.  There has to be something wrong. We just know it, right? So we go looking for the deal-breaker, waiting for the spoiler to come along and almost rather expect someone or something to rain on our parade. 

The sad reality of this is that often times, when you go looking for trouble, looking for a fight or wait for something bad to happen- you will find it. If you look long and hard enough, something will come up... That blasted "Needle in the haystack" WILL be found because you wanted so badly to f…

A Thousand Years

I had recently watched a crazy video online about a girl getting turfed repeatedly by her pony. At the end of the video, she included this beautiful song... and about half way thru it cut off.  What the?????

I searched the lyrics on another website and found the artist, title and heard the whole song in it's entirety.

Christina Perri- A Thousand Words

Quite a beautiful song and video, even though I am not into Twilight, neither the series of books or films. Maybe I will look into them after this though?

Hall of Fame

The lyrics to this song are incredible. Give it a watch/listen. This is by The Script

Thought of you

I recently found this through a very dear friend of mine.  If you double click on it, it is best viewed in full screen.

***Warning- you may need to have a box of tissue handy.***


**Edited to add- the song is performed by The Weepies and is actually called "The World Spins Madly On" **

Under the bus

I recently got the chance to catch up with a friend of mine and we had quite the lengthy conversation about a few people we know letting their online (supposed) popularity go to their head.

The person I dished on has come off as a big blowhard. Someone tooting their own horn way too loudly like the inconsiderate neighbor at 3 am amidst a drunken party of frat house friends. Some days I swear I live too close to the Uni.  In her case, the person who I really thought was a very close friend of hers, skiffed her under the bus and made things out to be something they really are not.

We all know there are people who blatantly lie about things online and people who lie, but maybe don't go as far with it. There are people who reserve some of the truth while others either just omit a few small details or skip the story altogether.  And many times those people who blatantly lie online are also the same people who blatantly lie in life, because they are so accustomed to doing it that they…

Worry Free?

This morning on my commute I seen a registration plate on a larger, upscale vehicle that said 'Worry Free'. I wondered to myself if anyone could possibly be free of worry about anything in life. Think about it. There is always something causing some amount of worry.

If you have little ones- you worry about them. There is a plethora of things to worry about with little ones afoot.

For many of us with jobs or careers- there are plenty who worry day to day if we will still have one.

Plenty of people worry about money.  For some, there never seems to be enough. For those of us who have what may seem like enough- some just worry about how to get more.

If you have siblings, you might worry about how they are doing.
Parents- you worry about them as they age.

People with pets- plenty of pet related things to worry about.

Some people worry about their country, their government and how or when the world might end. Others just worry about getting by from day to day and where their …

Smashing news!

So what would you do if you were complimented by not just one person but a few different people, the likes of whom are esteemed colleagues for your work, dedication and skills?

Might you be quite chuffed?

A dear friend of mine was recently honored with such accolades.
Quite brilliantly done if you ask me.

Shaken but not stirred

Its how some people prefer their drinks mixed.
It also applies to self confidence.

Some things may shake your confidence; make you question your courage. How can you do this? CAN you do this? Can you pull this off?  Words can be pretty harsh, can cut to the core at times and make you question yourself. Some people thrive on this. Cheeky bastards.

And sometimes they don't quite get the reaction they hoped for. Sometimes it stirs something deep within you. It awakens the beast hidden within and you go forth with a driving force, conviction and focus that many may not have seen before. You are as determined as ever and maybe even mad about it. How dare they question your purpose and intent?

So while some people may have thought they could beat you down, they may have shaken your thoughts, but stirred your desires and now you rush forward into the battle with bold courage. Onward!  Stirred but not shaken.

Truth syrum

Alcohol has a way of lowering your inhibitions, relaxing your strength to hold back and opening the doors for you to say what you feel. A person I know has been holding things in, taking things into account for the week and then on a binge over the weekend will spill it and say what they feel. Followed up the next morning with apologies and saying things to make up for it.

Sometimes what they have to say can sting a little. Other times it cuts deep to the core of what is really going on. Either way, it is things that needed to be said. Obviously there is some amount of pain on both sides so really, no apologies are necessary. Because they are a good friend, they can say these things. Truth hurts. Funny this, it is almost an expected ritual we have. 


I have been giving a lot of thought recently to those who live their life in the shadow of others. People they think are more creative, important, famous or whatever- that just knowing them or using their wealth of knowledge will somehow get them to the top as well.

What leads people to walk in the shadows others cast? Why are they comfortable instead, of dropping a name and being someone unworthy, if only in their own thoughts, of walking into the spotlight, accepting the accolades and to finally shine on their own?

Stolen thoughts

Have you ever met someone, maybe not even up close and personal in real life, but somehow they know what you want without you ever telling them? Have you ever had the connection with someone - thinking of them and they seem to drop everything to contact you, even when you haven't heard from them in a while...

Wickedly awesome isn't it?


A dear and close friend of mine recently turned me on to a somewhat 'local' band to her. She really likes one of their songs and thru the wonders of the internet and YouTube, I found another one of their songs pretty funny.   Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Fill in the blank

Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know I am still among the living. I have just been blissfully busy as of late and although I want to write a new post, the blank screen stares back at me and my mind goes blank with it.

There are things I wish to say, just can't seem to find the right words. As busy as I have been, there is a peaceful calm to be found in it at the same time. Which is confusing at best when you think about it.  My mind races and my thoughts are swirled, but at the same time there is clarity amidst the chaos.  Such a strange state of affairs, as one I have never quite encountered before.

A dear friend of mine has also received the most smashingly brilliant news as well. I will be celebrating with her even though distance divides us. All my best.


Cry me a river

Take my hand baby
come run with me
far from this black land
of dead hopes and dreams

I'll take you somewhere
That peace can be found
Someplace that's quiet
With no one around

I'll hold you close
Kiss your fears away
I'll hold you close
And pray for the day

That you cry me a river
Of your hopes and dreams
Cry me a river
Things aren't what they seem

One thing's for sure
There are rough times ahead
I'll hold you close babe
As we ride the waves

We can get through them
Together you and I
We can do this baby
Stay by my side

Cry me a river darlin
Hold steady, hold fast
Cry me a river darlin
I'm in it to the last

The beat of your heart
It echoes in my mind
The steady reminder
Of happier times

The crack in your voice
The tear on your cheek
The things you've been thru
Are not for the weak

Cry me a river
I ask this of you
Cry me a river
to thine own self be true

Keep in mind honey
When the day comes
That I cry you a river
It will be filled with my lov…


I hope everyone had a Happy New Years celebration and now it is time to get down to business. Last year a sweet friend of mine turned me on to something a little different when it comes to resolutions. Instead of thinking about all of the things you need to address in your life, you choose a word or phrase and go with it.

Over the year, you word or phrase will change meanings, change the level of intensity and continue to shift how it applies in your life. You choose to define it in your own way, with your own style. Last year it came to me pretty quickly and was fairly obvious early on which word(s) I chose. This year I am still thinking on it.

The beauty in this is that there is nothing to really uphold. No deadlines, no specific dates to meet, your goals can drift along on a whim or fly past you in a flash.