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happy, Happy, HAPPY

Recently I had a long overdue chat with a friend of mine. We haven't spoken in a while, since life tends to get in the way and time slips by on us. So early one morning with a fresh cup of coffee in my hand, I rang her up on the telle and we dished out on all of the latest things happening in each others lives.

How refreshing and energizing. We were both quite chuffed with the chance to speak and find out how things are going so devinely for us both. One thing we both agreed on was that there was a sense of overall 'lightness' in the air. We both had found our own sense of freedom in doing things we had always wanted too and for a change, being able to relish in the excitement. "You just Sound so much happier lately. I can hear it in your voice." Her words.

I acquired a new flat mate after kicking my long time other half to the curb. The new one is working out well enough so far. Its a platonic relationship and has been for some time. We had his family over r…

The courage to quit

Many of us have been raised Not To Quit. "Nobody likes a Quitter" We've all heard the saying at some point in our lives and there is truth to that. That's because quitting is often associated with cowards and usually seen as a weakess. Some people quit before they ever even start. My brother was a perfect example of that- letting things go until what was a small job became a lot of work. "I just don't know where to start..." so he didn't. People would help him out of sympathy until they figured out it was all a ploy on his part to get out of doing anything. When that happened, he moved on to the next person.

But there are times when it takes courage to quit. Times when we need to put things down and walk away. It is okay to quit. Sometimes quitting is the best thing you can do. When you no longer engage in the argument, quit being the 'punching bag' in a relationshit- be it verbal or literal, no longer allow yourself to be treated like a …

Now what?

I ask myself this question all. the. damned. time. Now what?

I wanted to do this and I did. Now what? You wanted to go there. Been there, done that. Now what? You reached this _____ age in life- Now what?

Lately I find myself asking this of other people too. Same thing. Like it's standard procedure or something???

You wanted to do this and you did. Now what? You wanted to go there and you did. Now what? You reached this _____ age in life- Now what?

Lately I find myself asking it for other reasons. Sadly this seems like it is becoming standard procedure too.

You didn't get your way? Now what? You threw an epic tantrum. M'kay... Now what? Oh, you're mad because you truly look like an ass. Got it. Now what? Everything is my fault now? Awesome. Now what?

You expect me to be a two faced, back stabbing wretch? Sorry. Can't help you there. Now what? You're mad at me because I'm not playing along.... Whatever. Now what? You wanted to be left alone, so I obl…

New ideas

I recently seen a post on another blog where the woman was resolving to save money this year. It had a chart for a 52 week savings plan. Week 1 you save $1, week 2 you put away $2 and so on. At the end you have $1378, not including any interest. Not a bad haul for adding $1 a week to what you're saving.

I have also heard a few other tips on saving money.

Pay for everything with paper money. Dump the change in a bowl, jar, container of some sort and watch how quickly it adds up.

Or figure on saving one hour pay per day. If you make $15 per hour multiply it by 5 days a week that you work and you have $75 to sock away. Aren't you worth paying yourself each day for one hour of your work day? I know many of us are worth far and away more than what we're paid, but you get the idea.

I have also heard of giving yourself an allowance. You get $XX a paycheck to blow on whatever you want. It's cash so not traceable and you cannot go over. The rest goes in savings if ther…

So it is, and so it shall be

I hope everyone had a happy holiday season. Somehow it just doesn't seem like it should happen so fast and be over already, but here we are almost half way thru the first month of the new year. Damn, that was quick.

Over the holidays one of my dear friends had issues with their relatives. The relatives thought they would get the upper hand and 'show them' by not giving my friend or their kids any gifts. The relative thought this would reflect to my friend how childish they were being towards the relative.

Below is a note my friend sent to the relatives.

"I don't want anything from you that comes with a price. My love isn't to be bought. The kids are fine and didn't notice your family didn't get them anything. They already have plenty, so there's no worries there. Besides relative, you have given them things in the past only to take it away and throw it out. This year you have merely saved yourself the time, energy and hassle of finding gifts…