In a recent conversation with a dear friend, we spoke of what happens in life when you have to give up things that obviously mean or meant a lot to you. Do you mope about over it, look back with regret or do you embrace it and say it was something you did once?

I think I caught them a little off balance when I said "I am glad I at least get to try it."  I tried it and can then form my own opinion on it. I could make a decision if I liked it and would continue on with it or give it up, deciding it isn't my taste of things.

This applies to so many things in life- food, movies, clothes, sports, literature, music...

Is there anything you have given up in life that you can say without regret that at least you got to try it?


  1. Being a devout Mormon. I tried. And tried. And then tried some more. Learned incredible lessons about myself and life because of it. But. In the end, it's not for me.


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