Knowing what I know

I had to laugh a while back, when someone I knew told me such a bold faced lie, said it so convincingly (or so they thought) that it must have been the truth. Because in their world it is gospel. Their spoken word is to be taken as the truth 1000% in case anyone didn't know... Bwahahahahahaha

For what they were telling me, I have seen with my own eyes, proof of the exact, polar opposite. Which is why this person is kept at arm’s length, their words taken with a grain of salt and not to be trusted any further than they can be thrown.

In life it is people like this that give the rest of humanity a black eye. They are the epitome of the countless reasons why trust and respect are often difficult to establish. When called out on their transgressions? Might you be prepared for more of the same as the countless lies will spill forth in an uncensored flow of absurd proportions. They know no end to the game of deception.


  1. Pathological liars. I'm related to a few.

  2. I believe that there are some folks who lie so easily it is amazing to those expected to believe the crap.I have a huge issue with dishonesty,it is an insult as far as I am concerned. As though the person thinks I am too stupid to see the truth

  3. Meanwhile, I once knew a guy who was such a bad pathological liar it was laughable. Like, at 5 foot 6 and 250 lbs, this guy liked to tell everyone in the office how he was a former UFC fighter, and he was a state champion wrestler, and he served in Iraq and was a badass combat specialist, etc. I think he just wanted everyone to think he was cool, but he told it to our faces like it was 100% fact and kept up with the 'details' every single time he talked about it. At least he was consistent.

  4. Sometimes people think you're stupid and so they think you can't see through their charade. That's even worse than being lied to. Do you know what Iean?


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