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Message recieved

Every so often my father sends me a message from beyond. In a strange sort of way, I find myself closer to him more and more lately. He died a 6 years ago and while we spoke often, my perspective was that we weren't as close as some other fathers and daughters are. My sister wasn't close to him either. In fact I think their relationship was pretty fractious at best.

Years ago my father had brought home an acorn. He had found it while out walking between buildings at work. I planted it and a small oak tree had begun to grow. I nurtured my small oak and had every intention of watching it grow and seeing it to maturity. In the process of cutting ties with a toxic person in my life, my tiny oak was lost. I've thought about it now and then, but never at any great length.

Yesterday my best friend and I traveled out of town to another city. While we were there we went to a few of their favorite haunts. One place we stopped was at a small corner of the lake. It was a rather quie…