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Comparing notes

We all know I have posted before about having a stalker here on the blog. Someone who checks now and again to see what I'm up to. They haven't the nerve to post anything and when they do, it is supposed to be slightly sarcastic and smart, but has little to no real thought or feeling behind the words.  It is all a ruse to stir up some shit. Well mint for ya, the stink.

Recently there has been several unfortunate happenings in the chain of events in Pixieland. One of my friends is getting divorced, one friend no longer speaks to her mother and another friend has lost her mother altogether. All sad events, but sometimes these are the things that bring closure. These are the things that allow us to move on to better things in life.

One of these friends was almost afraid to say anything to me as I have had a lot going on in my life and she didn't want to cause me any issue, as she didn't think our problems came close to comparison.She laughed when I mentioned that, "…

Into Darkness

Behind the mask,
Behind the shroud,
Life can be crazy,
Scary and loud,

People you knew,
Or you thought you did,
Have skeletons galore,
They keep them well hid.

The front they put up,
Day after day,
They acting they do,
The roles that they play,

They keep things going,
Long and fast,
Keep you guessing,
If this day's your last.

They're toxic within,
They're repulsive side out,
They're loathsome, revolting,
disgusting no doubt,

All that is evil,
twisted and sick,
Is wrapped up inside of them,
Ever so slick.

Never before,
Have you felt such a dread,
Thoughts of fear swirling,
Inside of your head,

The air has turned cold,
You can see your own breath,
The veil has thinned,
Between life after death.

"But fear not" you are told,
Whispered quiet in your ear,
By the Shamans of old,
Who have brought you here,

A lesson to be learned,
That is understood,
Detecting the subtlties,
Between evil and good.

For those who slip by you,
Can cause you such harm,
Without even kn…

Off course

I started a project once, with no real plan in mind. I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like when done, but no real pattern, no measurements, no directions, no list of materials and I just went with it. What I ended up with was similar to what I wanted when I started, but it was also vastly different too. I was so far off course that to look at the two things in comparison?  Whooo boy....  

The reason I post this now is because the post to follow, started out again with one thing in mind and went a completely different direction. But sometimes that's what happens. You start out with an idea and along the way you change direction, get off course and it turns out exactly the way we planned.  Sometimes you just have to surrender and go with it.

We all fall down

We all know the nursery rhyme from days of old.

Ring around the rosy,
pocket full of posies.
Ashes, ashes,
we all fall down.

And then we grew up. We stopped singing the song. Stopped holding hands and going around in a circle before everyone threw themselves on the ground on purpose. But that didn't stop us from falling down. We just don't do it on purpose anymore.

Sometimes we let our guard down or focus too strongly on something else, that we don't even see it coming. You get fired, divorced, or diagnosed with a dibilitating disease. Something comes from out of nowhere and knocks us for a loop. We all fall down.

Some people never seem to miss a beat. They simply brush it off and keep moving like nothing happened. Other people are down for the count. One blow and they never recover. Most of us though, get back up, brush ourselves off and try again.

There have been several times in life that I have fallen down. I have been fortunate enough to have good …