Bad Habits

I used to smoke,
I used to drink,
I used to do crazy things,
and didn't much often think.

Life was good,
the skies were fair,
I made no plans,
my schedule on the air.

She's breaking all of my bad habits
I don't seem to mind
She's giving me new ones,
and blowing my mind.

I used to gamble,
I used to drive fast,
I always had to win
Never accepted being last.

I used to eat greasy,
Dripping, fat and fried,
Now it's home grown veggies,
and homemade apple pies.

I used to watch pornos
all kinds of slasher flics,
I used to like the movies,
where the bad guy got the chics.

She's breaking all of my bad habits
I don't seem to mind
She's giving me new ones,
and blowing my mind.

Now it's healthy eating,
Every night we take a walk,
Sitting on the porch swing,
Under the stars we talk.

Even the dog likes her
Always comes when she calls
He sits, he begs and plays dead for her
She's wrapped around his paw.

When someone is so special,
You find that perfect girl,
Your life's about to change buddy,
And you wouldn't trade it for the world.

She's done broke my bad habits
I don't seem to mind
She's given me a life worth living,
and the days keep blowing by.


  1. Excellent, who is the author?

    1. Cranky would you believe it was me? lol
      Has this struck a chord with you? Just curious

  2. Nice.

    And I love my greasy food ;) I try to limit the intake but once in awhile I need a burger and fries.

    1. Everything in moderation, including greasy and fried!

  3. Great poem, and I can definitely relate to this. Like with eating healthy, you replace a bad habit with a good habit, and it becomes exactly that - a habit. I look forward to eating healthy, and I have no desire to head out to McDonald's. Actually sounds kind of gross.


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