Cry me a river

Take my hand baby
come run with me
far from this black land
of dead hopes and dreams

I'll take you somewhere
That peace can be found
Someplace that's quiet
With no one around

I'll hold you close
Kiss your fears away
I'll hold you close
And pray for the day

That you cry me a river
Of your hopes and dreams
Cry me a river
Things aren't what they seem

One thing's for sure
There are rough times ahead
I'll hold you close babe
As we ride the waves

We can get through them
Together you and I
We can do this baby
Stay by my side

Cry me a river darlin
Hold steady, hold fast
Cry me a river darlin
I'm in it to the last

The beat of your heart
It echoes in my mind
The steady reminder
Of happier times

The crack in your voice
The tear on your cheek
The things you've been thru
Are not for the weak

Cry me a river
I ask this of you
Cry me a river
to thine own self be true

Keep in mind honey
When the day comes
That I cry you a river
It will be filled with my love


  1. Beautiful! Are you musically inclined at all? Have you ever tried to use your poems as lyrics?

  2. I am with Vixen. These strike me as lyrics. Awesome lyrics!

  3. Thank you Fern Valley.

    Dawn & Dawn- My musical talents leave something to be desired. I do know of a few people who may be able to do something with this though.... Thanks for the idea


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