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Wanna get away?

She sits and stares
Out across the beach,
Thinks of her kids
What life holds for each.

She takes in the water,
Looking out at the waves,
Thinks of her own life,
And how things have changed.

The salt in the air,
The warmth of the sun,
The soft ocean breeze,
What life has become.

The wind in her hair,
The clouds in the sky,
The peace that she feels,
As the day drifts by.

She buries her toes,
Deep in the sand,
Kicks off her sandals,
Leaves them where they land.

She has come to enjoy,
This much slower pace,
The smile that she holds,
Etched deep in her face.

She walks on the beach,
Whenever she pleases,
The sand and the waves,
Her troubles, it eases.

No deep concerns,
No time constraints,
She does as she pleases,
And no longer waits.

For others to do things,
Or make good on their word,
She smiles at the seagulls,
Just enjoying her world.