Into Darkness

Behind the mask,
Behind the shroud,
Life can be crazy,
Scary and loud,

People you knew,
Or you thought you did,
Have skeletons galore,
They keep them well hid.

The front they put up,
Day after day,
They acting they do,
The roles that they play,

They keep things going,
Long and fast,
Keep you guessing,
If this day's your last.

They're toxic within,
They're repulsive side out,
They're loathsome, revolting,
disgusting no doubt,

All that is evil,
twisted and sick,
Is wrapped up inside of them,
Ever so slick.

Never before,
Have you felt such a dread,
Thoughts of fear swirling,
Inside of your head,

The air has turned cold,
You can see your own breath,
The veil has thinned,
Between life after death.

"But fear not" you are told,
Whispered quiet in your ear,
By the Shamans of old,
Who have brought you here,

A lesson to be learned,
That is understood,
Detecting the subtlties,
Between evil and good.

For those who slip by you,
Can cause you such harm,
Without even knowing,
You've just bought the farm,

You'll stare at the dirt,
No longer from top,
You'll be six feet under,
In your own little plot.

If you don't heed the warnings,
Child if you don't listen,
The Reaper will come,
You will be his next victim,

Mind your manners,
For you reap what you sow,
For if you have not,
Into Darkness, you shall go. 

Never to be seen,
Nor heard from again,
Not a scent to be carried,
On a fair gentle wind,

Time is of the essence,
Innocense lost,
Best to get moving,
Before first winter frost.

Pay your tithes,
Tend your plants,
Practice your spells,
And say your chants,

Wear your charms,
Cleanse with sage,
Protect yourself,
From a hex borne of rage.

Always remember,
The general rule of thumb,
It comes back to you threefold,
Whatever you've done.

Mind your manners,
For you reap what you sow,
For if you have not,
Into Darkness, you shall go.

**~** I had first thought to publish this on Samhain, (Halloween) but didn't want to wait. Since today is Friday the 13th, I thought this would be brilliantly fitting, if early.**~**


  1. Excellent Perfect for Halloween!

  2. Perfect for today as well, a bold clear message


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