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Unresolved resolve

I have heard it said in many different circles, that when you dream of someone from your past, it is because there is underlying issues of your relationship that are still unresolved.  I recently dreamt of someone from my past, obviously or I wouldn't be writing this now. In the dream, they came back to where I was.  We did not speak or even touch, but I seen them and therefore, knew they were back.

The funny thing about this, is that everything between us was resolved long ago. Nothing unsaid that needed to be said, no hard feelings, no annimosity, nothing. Everything has been laid to rest and we both moved on in life. So what's the big idea of them showing up in a dream? I have also heard it said that when you think of someone, it's because they are thinking of you.  I guess time will tell...

A place to land

The moon over my shoulder,
A breeze in my hair,
A chill to be felt,
In the brisk evening air.

We sit on the bench,
At the edge of the park,
And listen to the sounds,
As the light fades to dark.

 I close my eyes,
As I sink into you arms,
The warmth of you touch,
Just one of your charms,

With my head on your chest,
I can hear your heart beat,
Time stands still for us,
As life moves on in the street.

The lights come on,
Electric stars bright the sky,
We sit there together,
Letting time slip on by.

You kiss me so gently,
On top of my head,
Quiet peace comes over me,
A single tear shed.

The turmoil is over,
The chaos is gone,
Our lives have changed,
Now it's time to move on.

You hold me close,
As we stand up to leave,
How far we have come,
Is sometimes hard to believe.

To think of the hell,
We have both been thru,
To think we could love again,
So strong and so true.

It's been a long journey,
Finally come to an end,
So calming and healing,
Having some place to land.