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Pixie Frost

With the start of the new month and the winter season getting into full swing, the weather has taken a cold turn in Pixieland. I am one frosty Pixie lately.  Not a fan! 

I do however, enjoy playing in the snow and all of the fun to be had in that respect, but as far as shoveling the sparkly white wonder dust... no thanks!  There's a good reason I don't live at the North Pole and it isn't just the fat man in a red fur suit.  Sorry, I'm just not that PC.  What did you expect from someone like me? 

Welcome one, Welcome all

For those who have chosen to join me in Pixieland, I should hope you enjoy your stay, may share a few of your talents and skills and should like to post something to contribute in the comments. 

Here we can share things and hopefully learn from each other. It should be a fun journey and if there are any questions- just ask. The adventure is about to begin.