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Lying it aside

Once I had dispelled the myths in my brain about all of the things I was nervous, harassed, worried, concerned over and dreading, I was able to talk to my friend about what sparked it all off. As it turns out, there were/are concerns on both sides of that fence. Many of them that my friend had were just as unfounded as my own. We were both putting way too much into things that wouldn't be happening overnight and as agreed- when the day comes... then we will see what is to come of it.

Step back and take a deep breath

Lately my thoughts have run away with me on a matter that has been troubling me. I had been envisioning a situation that is not even close to happening and have been tossing things around, mulling it over in my mind and truthfully, expecting the worst case scenario to play out in a multitude of horrendous different ways...  We all do this, don't we?

As bad as it may seem to me, in reality it is a lot different. I took a step back from it all, took a few deep breaths and looked at things from a different perspective. As much as my thoughts may be rushing things, how it will pan out could be entirely different when it finally comes to fruition.  I may still have my concerns, and these should never be discounted, but as far as my worst fears and all that hooey-hullaballoo that goes with them- there really wasn't a lot to be caught up in to begin with. 

My last post about unspoken words? I was trying to find the courage to tell a person about my apprehension. Now that I have a cl…

Unspoken words

I admit to being one of those people who is not blessed with the talent or knack of always knowing the right thing to say at the right time. Sometimes I write a post and go back to edit it, change things up a little and 4 hours, 1068 drafts later it is nothing as it started out as.

Some people are truly gifted in the capacity of knowing just what to say when someone has lost a pet, friend or even a family member. They know how to ease the loss, make light of things and the world is so much better just because they are in it. I am not one of them- I am not gifted in that respect.

When there is something tough to say, something that may cause someone else pain to hear, but they need to hear it, I stumble over my words. I struggle to find the right ones because we all know that once said, you can't ever take them back.

Buck the trend

In my last post about proverbs, I mentioned looking for things to go wrong or finding the deal breakers. Sure if you expect them to show up- they will not be one to disappoint. 

We all try to protect ourselves from bad things, have the foresight to be able to divert the icky stuff and come away relatively unscathed. We hope we can forsee the potholes in the road of life and navigate around them if at all possible.

The problem with always being on the 'lookout' for the bad stuff and negative vibes is that you miss out on life. You might have fun, but there are times you can admittedly have had more fun, if you hadn't been waiting for the boogeyman to jump out at you along the way.

Let's face it. Bad things happen to everyone. So do good things. While one person surveys the situation and thinks that everything that could have gone wrong, did...   Someone else will look at the same situation and see good things that have come out of it. 

I know I have let emotion get i…