Under the bus

I recently got the chance to catch up with a friend of mine and we had quite the lengthy conversation about a few people we know letting their online (supposed) popularity go to their head.

The person I dished on has come off as a big blowhard. Someone tooting their own horn way too loudly like the inconsiderate neighbor at 3 am amidst a drunken party of frat house friends. Some days I swear I live too close to the Uni.  In her case, the person who I really thought was a very close friend of hers, skiffed her under the bus and made things out to be something they really are not.

We all know there are people who blatantly lie about things online and people who lie, but maybe don't go as far with it. There are people who reserve some of the truth while others either just omit a few small details or skip the story altogether.  And many times those people who blatantly lie online are also the same people who blatantly lie in life, because they are so accustomed to doing it that they wouldn't know the truth if it slapped them in the face. When called on the rug about their lying- they blame others or even lie about their lying.

My friend seemed a little taken off guard when I responded to her story that when you think about it- it is really just plain sad. It's sad that these people don't care in the slightest about who they hurt along the way, who they destroy (or try to) or the impact that their lying has on those around them. Sometimes it isn't so much of an impact because they have long since alienated themselves from anyone who could possibly, let alone remotely be considered a friend. 


  1. I'm so with ya, which is why I have now coined the term FakeBook for all the lies people tell on there.

  2. I usually take people at their word. I guess I'm kind of naive in that way. I don't get why anyone would bother to lie about their life. I mean, who cares? Maybe I'll stay in my ignorant little cocoon where I believe everything anybody says online. Ha.

  3. I actually recently just caught a good friend in a lie. A really stupid one and I couldn't understand WHY he lied to me about it. I was so hurt and confused I didn't talk to him for a day. I got over it and we're back to being friends but I'll never totally trust him again. And that sucks.

  4. i don't know about lying, but I have a friend who gossips constantly, and it's getting old. even about kids, she'll gossip.
    i need some new friends.


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