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Truth or Dare

We have all played the game at some point in our lives. You choose to tell the truth or take on a dare and you are asked a question. The nature of the question is usually an intrusive one of some sort and you have to answer it or proceed to do the dare. The dare is usually something embarrassing or fear inducing on your part. You have to trust the friends you are playing with, as their questions or the dares imposed can be pretty intense or demanding, or fairly easy and general. It's the intense and demanding questions and dares where things get interesting.

I was recently in attendance of a proceeding where it was similar to a game of Truth or Dare. When the questions were laid down, on of the participants had instead chose the route of omission of some of the truths. The results were interesting, that's for sure and as it is my understanding, omission falls within the boundaries of lying as you chose not to reveal some things in an attempt to cover them up. Don't ask,…