Comparing notes

We all know I have posted before about having a stalker here on the blog. Someone who checks now and again to see what I'm up to. They haven't the nerve to post anything and when they do, it is supposed to be slightly sarcastic and smart, but has little to no real thought or feeling behind the words.  It is all a ruse to stir up some shit. Well mint for ya, the stink.

Recently there has been several unfortunate happenings in the chain of events in Pixieland. One of my friends is getting divorced, one friend no longer speaks to her mother and another friend has lost her mother altogether. All sad events, but sometimes these are the things that bring closure. These are the things that allow us to move on to better things in life.

One of these friends was almost afraid to say anything to me as I have had a lot going on in my life and she didn't want to cause me any issue, as she didn't think our problems came close to comparison.She laughed when I mentioned that, "Neither of us are trying for Olympic Gold in these matters."  It helped ease her mind that I can still look at things objectively and sometimes even laugh about the load of crap we have been dealt in life. We have all been there, we will all be there again some day and it's all a part of life. There will be things to laugh about, things to cry over and things we will look back on and ask "WHAT was I thinking?"   


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