Simply sorry

There are often things in life that we do or say, going about life as usual and without any clue or inclination that it is happening- we hurt someone we love. It's not intentional, it's not malicious in any way, but it is still there and the damage has been done.

Subtle changes in the tone of their voice as the initial blows are inflicted, may go unnoticed. Their touch may not be as warm as it once was, nor offered as often or generously. What started as a small crack on the surface, slowly grows until there is a dip, then a rut and if left unnoticed becomes a gaping crevasse before long.

Sometimes it isn't even so much what you say or do, but comments made by others about situations that concern you. Maybe an innocent question, but asked out of curiousity and suddenly your loved one is guilty if only by association. It wears on them and if left unchecked, like a wound it will fester and eat away at what you once had. The salve of recognising it and sincerely apologizing, is the beginning of the healing process.


  1. You have described many a relationship...hope it is not too close, or too late.

    1. Close enough to hear the crack in the voice and not too late

  2. sometimes apologizing is hard tho.

    1. Sometimes it is, but when you know you need to, it's really not that difficult to do. I look at it from the other persons point of view, no matter how bad, I would expect an apology- why shouldn't they?


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