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Under the bus

I recently got the chance to catch up with a friend of mine and we had quite the lengthy conversation about a few people we know letting their online (supposed) popularity go to their head.

The person I dished on has come off as a big blowhard. Someone tooting their own horn way too loudly like the inconsiderate neighbor at 3 am amidst a drunken party of frat house friends. Some days I swear I live too close to the Uni.  In her case, the person who I really thought was a very close friend of hers, skiffed her under the bus and made things out to be something they really are not.

We all know there are people who blatantly lie about things online and people who lie, but maybe don't go as far with it. There are people who reserve some of the truth while others either just omit a few small details or skip the story altogether.  And many times those people who blatantly lie online are also the same people who blatantly lie in life, because they are so accustomed to doing it that they…

Worry Free?

This morning on my commute I seen a registration plate on a larger, upscale vehicle that said 'Worry Free'. I wondered to myself if anyone could possibly be free of worry about anything in life. Think about it. There is always something causing some amount of worry.

If you have little ones- you worry about them. There is a plethora of things to worry about with little ones afoot.

For many of us with jobs or careers- there are plenty who worry day to day if we will still have one.

Plenty of people worry about money.  For some, there never seems to be enough. For those of us who have what may seem like enough- some just worry about how to get more.

If you have siblings, you might worry about how they are doing.
Parents- you worry about them as they age.

People with pets- plenty of pet related things to worry about.

Some people worry about their country, their government and how or when the world might end. Others just worry about getting by from day to day and where their …

Smashing news!

So what would you do if you were complimented by not just one person but a few different people, the likes of whom are esteemed colleagues for your work, dedication and skills?

Might you be quite chuffed?

A dear friend of mine was recently honored with such accolades.
Quite brilliantly done if you ask me.

Shaken but not stirred

Its how some people prefer their drinks mixed.
It also applies to self confidence.

Some things may shake your confidence; make you question your courage. How can you do this? CAN you do this? Can you pull this off?  Words can be pretty harsh, can cut to the core at times and make you question yourself. Some people thrive on this. Cheeky bastards.

And sometimes they don't quite get the reaction they hoped for. Sometimes it stirs something deep within you. It awakens the beast hidden within and you go forth with a driving force, conviction and focus that many may not have seen before. You are as determined as ever and maybe even mad about it. How dare they question your purpose and intent?

So while some people may have thought they could beat you down, they may have shaken your thoughts, but stirred your desires and now you rush forward into the battle with bold courage. Onward!  Stirred but not shaken.

Truth syrum

Alcohol has a way of lowering your inhibitions, relaxing your strength to hold back and opening the doors for you to say what you feel. A person I know has been holding things in, taking things into account for the week and then on a binge over the weekend will spill it and say what they feel. Followed up the next morning with apologies and saying things to make up for it.

Sometimes what they have to say can sting a little. Other times it cuts deep to the core of what is really going on. Either way, it is things that needed to be said. Obviously there is some amount of pain on both sides so really, no apologies are necessary. Because they are a good friend, they can say these things. Truth hurts. Funny this, it is almost an expected ritual we have.