I have been giving a lot of thought recently to those who live their life in the shadow of others. People they think are more creative, important, famous or whatever- that just knowing them or using their wealth of knowledge will somehow get them to the top as well.

What leads people to walk in the shadows others cast? Why are they comfortable instead, of dropping a name and being someone unworthy, if only in their own thoughts, of walking into the spotlight, accepting the accolades and to finally shine on their own?


  1. Just the other day I was talking to Steven King about this very subject.

  2. I suspect that the just find it easier, but... I dont know , but I have said it before "hitch your wagon to your own star,not mine its a bit of a bronc"

  3. I always tend to run from those people 'cause they ain't got no spice to add to the recipe.


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