Worry Free?

This morning on my commute I seen a registration plate on a larger, upscale vehicle that said 'Worry Free'. I wondered to myself if anyone could possibly be free of worry about anything in life. Think about it. There is always something causing some amount of worry.

If you have little ones- you worry about them. There is a plethora of things to worry about with little ones afoot.

For many of us with jobs or careers- there are plenty who worry day to day if we will still have one.

Plenty of people worry about money.  For some, there never seems to be enough. For those of us who have what may seem like enough- some just worry about how to get more.

If you have siblings, you might worry about how they are doing.
Parents- you worry about them as they age.

People with pets- plenty of pet related things to worry about.

Some people worry about their country, their government and how or when the world might end. Others just worry about getting by from day to day and where their next meal is coming from and when...

Seems there is plenty to worry about, it's just a matter of how we each handle it. 


  1. You are so right! It's all a matter of how we process the worries. Some people have a full plate, yet they let things roll off their back. Wish I could be more like that.

  2. I guess worry free means not letting worry consume you.

    Excellent post

  3. Yes, worry is free, who's going to pay for it? :)

  4. yup you said it! Worry I so know that one esp these days but it is what it is and worrying is not going to help, at least thats what I try telling myself

  5. I find being very forgetful helps erase worry.


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