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Lately I have been taking a long, hard, deep look at myself and some of the things going on around me. I have backed off in a lot of areas in life. A man I know once told me he is a very private person. I deeply respect that of him and have been working towards that in my own life as well. 

There are several people I know with Birthdays this time of year. I have tried to message each of them on their special day, to let them know I remembered it. One of them I have recently become back in contact with and when their day came- they couldn't believe I remembered it after all this time.  Some things a Pixie mind just never forgets.

Besides all of the Birthdays happening, there have been a few other monumental days occurring in and around my life. Anniversaries- both good and bad things, beginnings, endings, and although sometimes I may feel like shouting for joy or grieving a loss, I remain silent, maintaining my privacy.  It is but my own happiness or grief, to reflect upon.  Somet…