Shaken but not stirred

Its how some people prefer their drinks mixed.
It also applies to self confidence.

Some things may shake your confidence; make you question your courage. How can you do this? CAN you do this? Can you pull this off?  Words can be pretty harsh, can cut to the core at times and make you question yourself. Some people thrive on this. Cheeky bastards.

And sometimes they don't quite get the reaction they hoped for. Sometimes it stirs something deep within you. It awakens the beast hidden within and you go forth with a driving force, conviction and focus that many may not have seen before. You are as determined as ever and maybe even mad about it. How dare they question your purpose and intent?

So while some people may have thought they could beat you down, they may have shaken your thoughts, but stirred your desires and now you rush forward into the battle with bold courage. Onward!  Stirred but not shaken.


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