A Thousand Years

I had recently watched a crazy video online about a girl getting turfed repeatedly by her pony. At the end of the video, she included this beautiful song... and about half way thru it cut off.  What the?????

I searched the lyrics on another website and found the artist, title and heard the whole song in it's entirety.

Christina Perri- A Thousand Words

Quite a beautiful song and video, even though I am not into Twilight, neither the series of books or films. Maybe I will look into them after this though?


  1. Ooh, Twilight is a slippery slope. I swore I wasn't going to get into them, but someone gave me the books and I read them all in about four days. They're like literary crack cocaine.

    1. Literary crack cocaine- I think you're on to something there.

  2. Don't get drawn into the evils of the Twiglet (Putting the wood back into wooden acting) saga through just one song.

    1. Yeah, lest we might forget that Fifty Shades of filth came from fan fiction of it. Let's just not go there and no worries because I wouldn't buy into that.


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