Questioning faith

Last week someone asked me about my beliefs, asked me if I follow a coven and asked me straight out if I were Wiccan. Where had I learned it? Who taught me? How often do I practice? One thing that struck me was how they asked if it was any different than a religion? They asked who I prayed to or if I prayed to anyone?

At one point they asked if I cast any spells. We both had a good laugh about when and where I did my best spell work. The questions kept coming and I did my best to answer them all as honestly and clearly as I could. It was an interesting conversation and often one sided as they listened and tried to take things all in and understand.

In the end, one of the things they said, struck me rather odd. For all of my spell work, all of my prayers, all of their prayers and beliefs, they still had illnesses to contend with, had suffered injuries in life and how could that be so when you are asking for guidance and protection? What else struck me rather odd is that my friend with cancer is further versed in the Wiccan ways, is a devout follower of their prefered religion, follows a more naturalistic lifestyle and all, goes to the homeopahologist, does the accupuncture treatments, etc. yet they still got cancer...

For all of the good their 'healthy', naturalistic, homeopathy lifestyle did them, they scrapped their line of thinking, had surgery, went thru chemo and suffered the during and after effects of the chemicals associated with it.  In the middle of the game they switched sides, changed the rules and did a complete 180 on everything.

I eventually reached the conclusion that no matter what our individual beliefs, our path of chosen religious following or not, we are all human. We will all die someday of something and no matter how much we pray about it, meditate over it and so forth, we could be the healthiest person on the planet and still get wiped out by a lory on the way to the local tip. Not many can be immortal and with all of the changes in the past few decades, can you imagine living thru that for centuries? No thanks. 


  1. Very true ,m all of it. Well put

  2. Doesn't matter if you believe you can fly...gravity will win every time! I get altogether irritated with people who think others somehow 'deserve' something that usually is just plain old bad luck.

  3. Life will always kill you, whether it's a car accident, or cancer, or old age. and I always hate when someone loses their faith just because they couldn't pray away cancer. That doesn't mean that God or whatever you believe in hates you. It just means that you have a human body and it got a disease. That's just how life works.


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