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It's nice when others notice

It's nice when others notice,
the little things you have done.
The words of a thank you note
I read when I am alone.

To hear those simple words,
accomplishment and praise.
Brings back the spark of hope
On what may be darker days.

To know that someone else could see
the good in what I've done.
I keep it tucked inside my coat,
and read it now and then.

Placing it in the envelope,
I will soon pull it out again.
Reading the words over,
Feeling the peace and zen.

Funny how a few small lines,
can often say so much.
Bring a smile, warmth and joy,
feelings of love and such.

Yet when the words were written,
Their author didn't know,
The simple pleasure they would bring,
Or how often the reader would glow.

Each new day

A road sign on the side of the highway I see each morning during my commute has two simple words on it.  It is a sign for a shelter and says- Begin Again.

Each new day is our chance to Begin Again. If we don't like where we are at- what can we do to change it? Things aren't going our way? Well they don't always do, but tomorrow we get the chance to try it again.

Bob Perks wrote a lovely piece on Beliefnet titled Begin Again. Quite a lovely post, I do say. The words have been resonating in my head for some time on this.

I was recently shopping and heard a song over the public address system that caught my attention. The lyrics asked "What are you going to do with your life?" Which is a question I have begun to ask myself often. What AM I going to do with my life? Am I living it mindlessly or am I going to LIVE it, doing what I enjoy. I could easily sit around and watch while others live theirs, living vicariously through them. That's not exactly fun though is…

Sunshine & butterflies

Had a wonderful day recently. I sit out on my veranda and watch people go by. Sipping my morning coffee, feeling a blissful breeze and taking in everything around me.  I was able to just "be".

To be in the moment, looking for the good in things, relishing my achievements in life... smiling on the inside and out. 

What a glorious feeling.

I have recently begun to rekindle a friendship in a person I knew long ago. We drifted apart over time, but we have recently sought to reconnect.  Her path and mine have been similar at times, different at others, but we still headed the same direction for the most part.  She had been so daring, outspoken and bold, where I have been a bit reticent to speak out.  Our worlds have been different, yet so much the same one.  Kindred spirits have a way of coming back around.