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Walking a mile

Things have come up lately in life that have disappointed me, frustrated me and really put a lot of undue stress on me. But hey, that's life and you just roll with it, right? UGH! *grumble*snarl*grumble*

Under all of this have come times when feelings get hurt, thoughts are pushed aside and things are said that are incredibly hurtful. We all know that once said, they cannot be taken back. You just can't un-ring that bell.

Sometimes it only takes a moment or two, to stop and think about what the other person is going thru. What kind of crap they have going on in life and how they feel, before you open your mouth and cause more harm than good.

We can't often walk a mile in their shoes, and sometimes we can't even walk a few steps for them, but stopping to consider their feelings before saying something that could be incredibly damaging may bring some things to light for both sides and save a friendship.

If not you?

A friend of mine has gone thru some terribly troubling matters in life. It was almost as if the flood gates of Hell had opened up on her at times. Just when it seemed like she would get a reprieve and things would settle down, here come the next wave of chaos and there she went, swept out with the tidewaters.

I have a small close knit circle of friends and although many of us wished we could help her, wished we could ease the burdens, wished we could help carry the load, there wasn't much any of us could actually do FOR her. Thru it all, she seemed to carry on, kept a hopeful and often positive attitude. I'm not sure that I could have done that. One day I asked her how she did it. How she could maintain some sense of normal in her life when it all seemed to be going wrong. Did she ever wish it was someone elses problems? Because really, we all like to think bad things never happen to us, right?

That's when she told me to think about the worst things in life that have happ…

Will you back down?

Imagine lying in bed asleep and being awaken by the sound of a man's voice. The voice is as if he were standing right next to your bed. Clearly and distinctly you hear the question. Will you back down? You awake from your sleep, look around and there is nobody else in the room. The voice was nobodys voice that you'd recognize. The question is one you can't put any logical sense to. At least not that you can discern as of yet. What do you make of that?

Snap decisions

I have never been good at snap decisions. I like to take my time and mull things over. Sort thru the facts, look for questionable issues, uncover some hidden gems and muddle thru.  To me a snap decision has often come in the heat of an argument, and yields poor results. Thinking things thru you usually stand a better chance of a better outcome. I worry of people who seem to rush things.

I know there are people who can make snap decisions and make good, sound decisions on the fly. If it is something like where am I eating today? Do I want to go this way or that way? I can do that. But if it is something like buying a car, house or lier jet? I would rather take my time and buy wisely. Do the research and look things up. 

I understand that sometimes, time is of the essence and you need to move quickly or the offer will be rescinded or the best deals sold out.  Those decisions I can sometimes make in a flash. But is it just me? Am I alone on this one or does my misery love company?