Caught in limbo

Forgive me if this post should seem a bit dark, as I have recently had things weighing heavy on my mind. A very close, very dear friend of mine is battling cancer. After surgery and chemotherapy, the cancer marker numbers are slowly climbing back up again.  Another very close, very dear friend of mine is facing a medical procedure with trepidation of the results. It is uncertain at this point if further testing or surgery will be needed. Another friend of mine still battles the lasting effects of their cancer while another still is doing the same.  One of them died three times while on the table during surgery, yet he is fortunate to still be here.

Then there are people I wish would just go away and yet they are healthy as can be. What gives? 

There have been people I have known that have passed and sadly enough, their wake was the kind you attend only to be sure they are really, truly gone.  The eulogy almost sickening to listen to, as it is disgustingly laden with half truths and even outright lies, because they truly were, not a good or honorable person in this life.  

Cherish those you hold close, every day that you have them. Tell them often, how much they are loved. Show them how much they are loved, because actions speak far louder than words. Listen, don't just hear them.  Be there for them when they need it most, no matter what you have going on in your life.

*Love & Hugs*



  1. Very sorry...cancer steals too many lives, and you are right, it always seems like it takes "the good ones."

  2. Great words to live by. So sorry you have a few friends with such medical problems. Hugs to you and prayers for your friends.

  3. Sorry to hear about your friends. That's a good way to live your life, though - no matter what happens, make sure that when you die the things they say at your funeral about you are true.

  4. Thanks for the reminder to love and cherish those in our lives who make us better people.


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