Define me?

My friend got the test results back and although there is something going on that is to be treated, they went for more tests and everything else came back clear- so both good and bad news there. Anyone who offered up their prayers- We are both incredibly greatful to you. Thank you!

When my friend first got their test results back, I left it up to them to discuss it as they felt comfortable doing so. I know that sometimes it doesn't 'hit you' that you have something, until you hear yourself say the words- "I have _____." and it can be quite the reality check when you do.  Some things seem to carry a 'death sentence' type stigma with them. Thankfully theirs does not.

The other night when we were talking, it all came up and it was almost as if the condition was defining who they were. They were a number, a statistic, not the person I know and love. It was almost like I should run away screaming because of it. It is not contageous, they are not capable of transmitting it to me in any way and how could I possibly call myself their friend if I was to leave when things got tough?

We are all guilty of this at some point, we all have things we do, bad habits, ailments, whatever, that we may choose to let define us at some point or another.
I am _____ 
I have _____
I did _____
Why do we do that?

What about all of your good points that managed to bring you thru life up to this point? What happened to those? Aren't any of them what brought us together as friends? Did they suddenly fail you because of something else? Something treatable, something cure-able, something that is really only a very small part of you. That's what you are? That's what you have given everything else up for?

As difficult as it can be sometimes, I try to look on the brighter side of things. I try to take the high road, be the better person and all of that. This post in particular was tough for me to write, because I seen what my friend is going through. There are times that they are scared. Part of that rubs off on me at times and I am scared for them. I have been there myself, only I went thru it by myself. I'm just glad I could be there for my friend.


  1. I think we want to be flawless and it's hard to accept that we're not. My glass is often half empty. I need to look on the brighter side of things too.

  2. We always define ourselves by stupid, meaningless things. Hell, I read a study that in most modernized countries that when someone asks, "What are you?" they answer with their job: "I'm an IT guy." "I'm a mechanic." "I'm a cashier."

    Anywhere else they answer, "I'm a father." Or "I'm a wife."


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