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Varied perceptions

Have you ever been to a sporting event or maybe a dance recital with a friend or family member to watch them perform? During their performance you notice a slight bobble in things. They hold on and recover quite nicely, but talking to them afterwards, their view or idea of what happened was much, much worse than how it looked?

We have all done it. Been in the middle of something and felt like everything was going wrong, yet to those who are watching, sure it may seem that something is amiss, but not nearly as horribly wrong as it feels to us, there in the spotlight, IN the moment...

We all strive for perfection or at least as close to it as we can get. Maybe we want to be thinner, prettier, more masculine, have longer, curlier or even straighter hair, maybe we wish we were taller. We all have something we would like to change about our bodies, go ahead and admit it. I'm not going to judge you for it or tell anyone. How can I when I have my own shortcomings, things I would like …

Is it fair?

I recently asked someone to put themselves in my shoes.
What I failed to do is to put myself in theirs. 

How can I expect them to understand my point of view, if I don't even try to understand theirs?  Not fair on my part at all.  I barely realized this last night and deeply apologized for the oversight.