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We have all heard the saying about how sometimes looking for something can be like trying to find the proverbial "Needle in a haystack".  I am pretty sure at some time we have all found ourselves trying to find the blasted needle at one point or another. That haystack seems huge and the needle is nowhere to be found, or so it seems.

Then there are times when things just seem too good to be true. So we wait for the other shoe to drop and let the chips fall where they may.  There has to be something wrong. We just know it, right? So we go looking for the deal-breaker, waiting for the spoiler to come along and almost rather expect someone or something to rain on our parade. 

The sad reality of this is that often times, when you go looking for trouble, looking for a fight or wait for something bad to happen- you will find it. If you look long and hard enough, something will come up... That blasted "Needle in the haystack" WILL be found because you wanted so badly to f…

A Thousand Years

I had recently watched a crazy video online about a girl getting turfed repeatedly by her pony. At the end of the video, she included this beautiful song... and about half way thru it cut off.  What the?????

I searched the lyrics on another website and found the artist, title and heard the whole song in it's entirety.

Christina Perri- A Thousand Words

Quite a beautiful song and video, even though I am not into Twilight, neither the series of books or films. Maybe I will look into them after this though?

Hall of Fame

The lyrics to this song are incredible. Give it a watch/listen. This is by The Script

Thought of you

I recently found this through a very dear friend of mine.  If you double click on it, it is best viewed in full screen.

***Warning- you may need to have a box of tissue handy.***


**Edited to add- the song is performed by The Weepies and is actually called "The World Spins Madly On" **