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Damaged goods

It's the beautiful bird that gets caged. Not always. Sometimes the stalkers don't actually care if they hit their target or not.   It's not even about the thrill of the hunt for them either. In reality it is their own selfish persuit of whtever we have that they think will make them a better person. 

Sorry to burst their pathetic bubble.
Clothes don't make the man and one size does not fit all. 

Just because I have it and it is doing well for me, under my care or because of my work and dilligence, does not mean you will have the same results.  You may take something away from me, but it just won't be the same for you.  BTW- some things you just can't take away from people. Nothing you can do or say will mar their image.

There are also times when the 'prize' gets damaged or even destroyed in the process of being acquired or taken from others.  What happens then?  Nobody gets the 'prize' because it is ruined. It becomes a matter of, If I cannot…