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I recently found this through a very dear friend of mine.  If you double click on it, it is best viewed in full screen.

***Warning- you may need to have a box of tissue handy.***


**Edited to add- the song is performed by The Weepies and is actually called "The World Spins Madly On" **


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    1. I thought so too when I seen it. It reminds me of a couple I know.

  2. Good tune, my Pixie! Think I'll add it to my Spotify!
    Have a great weekend, dearie!!

    1. Spotify? I will have to look it up.

      Hope yours was Grrrreat as well!

  3. I love when people share music I'd never find if left to my own devices. Thanks for sharing Pixie.

    1. I do too and have recently found myself searching YouTube for a lot of music I may have otherwise missed out on.

      I recommend looking up The Weepies on YouTube. 'Somebody Loved' is another one of theirs I would reccommend for you. I have a couple more lined up in the que to post.....

  4. beautiful, don't know how I missed this , but maybe its better that I waited to see it till now

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