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Fill in the blank

Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know I am still among the living. I have just been blissfully busy as of late and although I want to write a new post, the blank screen stares back at me and my mind goes blank with it.

There are things I wish to say, just can't seem to find the right words. As busy as I have been, there is a peaceful calm to be found in it at the same time. Which is confusing at best when you think about it.  My mind races and my thoughts are swirled, but at the same time there is clarity amidst the chaos.  Such a strange state of affairs, as one I have never quite encountered before.

A dear friend of mine has also received the most smashingly brilliant news as well. I will be celebrating with her even though distance divides us. All my best.


Cry me a river

Take my hand baby
come run with me
far from this black land
of dead hopes and dreams

I'll take you somewhere
That peace can be found
Someplace that's quiet
With no one around

I'll hold you close
Kiss your fears away
I'll hold you close
And pray for the day

That you cry me a river
Of your hopes and dreams
Cry me a river
Things aren't what they seem

One thing's for sure
There are rough times ahead
I'll hold you close babe
As we ride the waves

We can get through them
Together you and I
We can do this baby
Stay by my side

Cry me a river darlin
Hold steady, hold fast
Cry me a river darlin
I'm in it to the last

The beat of your heart
It echoes in my mind
The steady reminder
Of happier times

The crack in your voice
The tear on your cheek
The things you've been thru
Are not for the weak

Cry me a river
I ask this of you
Cry me a river
to thine own self be true

Keep in mind honey
When the day comes
That I cry you a river
It will be filled with my lov…


I hope everyone had a Happy New Years celebration and now it is time to get down to business. Last year a sweet friend of mine turned me on to something a little different when it comes to resolutions. Instead of thinking about all of the things you need to address in your life, you choose a word or phrase and go with it.

Over the year, you word or phrase will change meanings, change the level of intensity and continue to shift how it applies in your life. You choose to define it in your own way, with your own style. Last year it came to me pretty quickly and was fairly obvious early on which word(s) I chose. This year I am still thinking on it.

The beauty in this is that there is nothing to really uphold. No deadlines, no specific dates to meet, your goals can drift along on a whim or fly past you in a flash.