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More than expected

One rule in life is to always be careful what you wish for. When casting spells and brewing in the cauldron, be specific. Be very specific. But at the same time- be careful. Be very, VERY careful.  Since finding my hearts freedom I have subconsiously been longing for someone to fill the void.  
There has been a person in my life for several years now. Someone I didn't speak to often, but when we did it was strictly business.  We joked, we jest, but nothing has ever come of it. Not until recently and I honestly can't really remember how this crazy mess all got started.

There are so many ironies in the crossing of our paths, it is incredible. Stunning at times and often quite difficult to grasp, then all of a sudden it flows together so well. I longed for him. And without even knowing it- I called for him. Now that he is finally here, there are times I have tried to shut him out, push him away and fear he isn't what I had thought. Until I had so recently realised what I had…


Long ago I gave my heart to a man
Once upon a time

Little did I know that my best interests
Were not what he had in mind

He bound my heart in ways unforseen
Encircled with a chain

Disguised it came presented as a gift
For his memory to remain

In time it revealed the truth it held
my heart it had enslaved

But I held him dear and loved him so
His presence I so craved.

Years had passed and time went on
The memories they faded

My heart still bound by the chain
My perception fogged and jaded

Until the day it finally happened
I heard from him no more

My heart had been released of his grip
and was free upon the shore

His grip was loosened the chain slipped off
The burden had been eased

My mind slipped back to happier times
My heart was quite relieved

It came off with a fling almost unnoticed
It sailed off unseen

To land somewhere upon the earth
Amid the grasses green

I've no desire to find the chain
nor the man who gave it

I enjoy the peace I have found
at that I choose to leave it.