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Blue skies

Lately I have seen a lot of small patches of blue sky through a gap in the clouds. It reminds me each time, that there are always good things to come. One of my many books at home in the library has an old proverb in it that says, "Into every life, a little rain must fall."  As much rain as we get in my hometown, I still embrace it each time the skies open up and the rain comes down. 

While it may seem drab & dreary to others when the skies are grey and overcast, I choose to look at it a bit differently.  The clouds may block out the sun, but they also bring the rain. With the rain, the flowers will spring forth and blossom.  So the next time it is looking a bit grey outside and everyone thinks it is another dark and dismal day, look up and see if you can find a patch of blue sky through the clouds.  It is there for those who look and choose to see it. It is a sign that there are brighter days to come.