Snap decisions

I have never been good at snap decisions. I like to take my time and mull things over. Sort thru the facts, look for questionable issues, uncover some hidden gems and muddle thru.  To me a snap decision has often come in the heat of an argument, and yields poor results. Thinking things thru you usually stand a better chance of a better outcome. I worry of people who seem to rush things.

I know there are people who can make snap decisions and make good, sound decisions on the fly. If it is something like where am I eating today? Do I want to go this way or that way? I can do that. But if it is something like buying a car, house or lier jet? I would rather take my time and buy wisely. Do the research and look things up. 

I understand that sometimes, time is of the essence and you need to move quickly or the offer will be rescinded or the best deals sold out.  Those decisions I can sometimes make in a flash. But is it just me? Am I alone on this one or does my misery love company?


  1. The best decision is often to think about it.

  2. Oh, you're not alone. I already overthink things to begin with, so a big decision is something I definitely have to mull over for a while. And, without sounding like I'm bragging, I'd like to think that's led to more good decisions than bad, so I think it's worth it.

  3. I am your newest follower. found via justkeepinitreal. I am on board. I can over think too.
    Love all your wisdom.
    Cortne @ Coco in Magnolia


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