Walking a mile

Things have come up lately in life that have disappointed me, frustrated me and really put a lot of undue stress on me. But hey, that's life and you just roll with it, right? UGH! *grumble*snarl*grumble*

Under all of this have come times when feelings get hurt, thoughts are pushed aside and things are said that are incredibly hurtful. We all know that once said, they cannot be taken back. You just can't un-ring that bell.

Sometimes it only takes a moment or two, to stop and think about what the other person is going thru. What kind of crap they have going on in life and how they feel, before you open your mouth and cause more harm than good.

We can't often walk a mile in their shoes, and sometimes we can't even walk a few steps for them, but stopping to consider their feelings before saying something that could be incredibly damaging may bring some things to light for both sides and save a friendship.   


  1. This is why I'm always cautious when I argue with people. Though admittedly, I'm still not great at putting myself in their position, I do accept that they might be coming from a good place.

  2. Genuinely apologizing for unkind words spoken without thinking can sometimes "un-ring" the bell.

    Thinking before you speak would be even better.

  3. All true , but the above poster has a point, a genuine and sincere apology carries some weight

  4. Sometimes letting the other person know that they hurt your feelings is important, sometimes we hit someone's buttons inadvertently...coming from a hoof in mouth place myself, haha...but people who deliberately tear other people down need a good butt kicking.

  5. It's seriously amazing that I'm reading this right now. Fighting with a dear friend this morning and I really needed this reminder to not say or do anything that I'll regret down the road. Thank you Pixie!


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