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For anyone who has read the blog of the Cranky Old Man he recently began following me but also named me in a challenge. I love his blog for his unrepentant way of stating things.  Your a man after my own heart, Cranky!  

Here is what you do. You list blog posts that fall under each category, then 7 blogs to pass the challenge on to. So hang on, because here goes-

Most Beautiful- I would say this one has to be the poem about being by the beach.
Wanna get away?

Most Popular- By the number of comments alone, I would have to say there is a tie between a few posts, but Really? seems to have gotten its due here.

Most Controversial- without a doubt, Bad Pixie? Yep that's me!

Most Helpful-  Roots

Post whose success surprised-  Toxic Friendships  Didn't think I would get some of the responses I did, but then if 85% of women in the poll admitted to this- why wouldn't it?

Post that got undeserved attention- It's the little things Though I'm really not sure it got undeserved attention... As bloggers don't we hope every post gets some sort of attention?

Post most proud of- I wish you the best  And to the person I wrote this about, I still wish them the best... Love, hugs and peace, Pixie.

Now for the part where I challenge 7 other bloggers to do the same. Hmmmm

I would list a few blogs here, but to do so would only up the ante in what has sort of become a sick and stupid game for my online stalkers.  My apologies to the regulars and the few followers I have accumulated. If I am following your blog- consider your blog listed here and challenged...  Bwahahaha

Even bad Pixies like me have stalkers whose lives must be so absurdly mundane they have to take up trying to control the lives of others.  In the words of Dr. Phil- How's that working out for ya? 


  1. Fun idea, sad it can be buggered up by someone with nothing better to do !

  2. I'm sorry you've got some trolly trolls.

  3. I very much enjoy the antics of Cranky Old man as well. Nice to see you called out and I look forward to checking out the posts you chose to list above.

  4. This is a nice idea and if my blog weren't so new I would give this a try. I feel that as few posts as I have I couldn't rightly judge. Very Lovily blog btw. :)


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