Don't hush me

As I mentioned in my last post, I have people who are cyber stalking my posts here. Clinging to the very words I write and hoping to find some shred of whatever they can, to paint me the villain in their world.  Because I am such a horrible and rotten Pixie after all...

You can all stop laughing and rolling your eyes now.  I only marginally 'watch what I say' or post about here. Really not that tough when you say what you mean and mean what you say. Mum taught me long ago to be a straight up kind of person. It has always stuck with me.

I have thought of taking this blog to private, but is that really fair? Should I have to not only limit what I say, but hide it all too?  All the while I am being watched, knowing I am under their scrutiny, I have never wondered about them. Why? Well, two reasons actually. 1) I don't really care and 2) I have no use for people like them. I just have less to fret over since they are making a point of concerning themselves with things in my life for me.  Because really, they think they know what I need, what is best and that somehow they will benefit along the way. 

Am I afraid of who these cretins are? No, actually I'm not. Do I know what they are capable of? Do any of us know what anyone is truly capable of? Good or bad, people often come out of the shadows and surprise us at times with the things they do. The lengths some of them go to...  now that can be described a number of ways. When it's something bad- shocking, disturbing, sad, those are a pretty good start. If it is something good- Amazing, strong, humble, I'm sure others can think of more.

And all the while these trolls are so focused on their 'targets', they forget that their own life is what it pathetically IS. They may either wish to escape their world of their own creation or ride the coat tails of those who have actually made their mark.  I have had people do this before. They held me and my achievements up while trying to duplicate them and fell short in a sorry, worthless heap. 

Who got the last laugh there? Nobody actually. Why laugh at someone who can't come close to hitting their own low marks? The Deities know they will never come even remotely close to hitting one of yours...  No need to smote them now. Kharma will take care of that when she runs over their dogma. 


  1. Good attitude, taking it private , makes them think they have won or that you have something to hide. Nothing here as far as I can tell that screams dastardly deed! lol. Always remember , "the best revenge is living well"

  2. I've gotten the occasional, insane, obsessed troll but I do find if you just keep doing your thing, eventually they'll get bored and move on to something else.

    At least I hope that is the case for you too.

    Sorry to hear you're having to deal with this.

  3. But I thought you were an anonymous Pixie? Nah...don't go private. But if you do, add me so I can still pop over!


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