The courage to quit

Many of us have been raised Not To Quit. "Nobody likes a Quitter" We've all heard the saying at some point in our lives and there is truth to that. That's because quitting is often associated with cowards and usually seen as a weakess. Some people quit before they ever even start. My brother was a perfect example of that- letting things go until what was a small job became a lot of work. "I just don't know where to start..." so he didn't. People would help him out of sympathy until they figured out it was all a ploy on his part to get out of doing anything. When that happened, he moved on to the next person.

But there are times when it takes courage to quit. Times when we need to put things down and walk away. It is okay to quit. Sometimes quitting is the best thing you can do. When you no longer engage in the argument, quit being the 'punching bag' in a relationshit- be it verbal or literal, no longer allow yourself to be treated like a doormat... It might be perceived as self preservation, but taking a stand has aways taken a hell of a lot of courage.

We all have courage. The courage to do things without a safety net. Courage to go forward and leave everything we know behind us. Sometimes quitting means we will be going forward without something to fall back on. That's having the courage to quit.


  1. I have someone in my family just like your brother. So frustrating! As always thanks for your incredible wisdom, Pixie!

  2. well put, the courage to quit, is the courage to take control and move forward

  3. YES! One of the hardest things I've ever quit in my life was my church. It was scary and I didn't know how much it would affect (effect? UGH) my relationship with my family. To this day, I know I made the right choice.

  4. You are so so right...sometimes it truly DOES take courage to quit...

  5. Dawn- now that you know his 'game' it's your choice if You choose to continue to play or not

    Fernvalley-I hadn't thought of it from the control aspect actually, but great point.

    Vapid Vixen- I have also 'quit' things my family felt so strongly about. Its tough to play along with their beliefs when we can see so many holes in the story that just don't make sense to us.

    Optimist E- sometimes quitting is the only thing that makes any sense!


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