What is it with some people that they just can't be happy? For themselves, for others, nothing and nobody can help them be happy.  They are fussy, never satisfied, always have to put others down, poke fun, call names and sometimes it turns into outright bullying.  Their comments are degrading, judgemental, often racist, carry heavy prejudices, but in the end, show their own flaws at their finest. 

I find it is often those who are the most afraid, who fight, scream and yell the loudest. They are quick to find fault in others, because they do the exact same things themselves. The familiarity of it all rears it's head. Rather than fix me, I will aim my aggression and frustrations at others.

They cause a stir so as not to be overshadowed. How dare you step into MY spotlight! How could you try to leave me behind? Why would you?  I'm the reason you are here or have made it this far. I can do better, I know everything. Their tantrums are EPIC and unbearable at times.

And yet when they fall, they land the hardest because they have alienated themselves from others and have no true friends to count on when that day comes...

I hear others asking, Why can't you be happy for me?
Simple really.  Because they can't even be happy for themselves.


  1. I am in too deep a funk to speak to this one well , other than sometimes people just suck!

  2. good point, if you cant be happy for someone else you are at your lowest

  3. Exactly! Theyrr projecting their faults on everyone else. Excellent post, Pixie.

  4. very true, i've also seen people lash out at others to hide their insecurity about their own shortcomings. creates a rather vicious cycle for themselves.

  5. I had this "friend" in high school who would be sure to point out all my flaws whenever boys were around in an attempt to make herself look better. Her own beautiful insecurities came shining through.

  6. Fern Valley- Sometimes that is all you CAN say about people.

    Queen Size- Like company though, the misery wears out its welcome in a short time!

    Laughteriscatching- You got that Right!

    Dawn- Projecting? Only in BIG SCREEN... HD and wide angle lenses too

    Saucy- It usually comes back to haunt them or bite them. Karma baby!

    Vaoid- that goes right along with my next post! Are you psychic????


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