I wish you the best

With the recent loss of a friendship, I want to make something clear.  I do not wish them any ill intent in life. I may not understand why they behaved the way they did, the basis of their decisions or anything else about why they have chosen to walk away, but it doesn't mean I need to wish for anything bad to happen to them.

Instead I wish the best for them.  May you find peace and tranquility in the life you have chosen.  To know you are turning your back on me for someone else you just met? I can not say I understand your choice, but I can respect your wishes that we no longer speak or be in touch.

I can also clearly say at this time, if things are to change later on in life, you choose to re-open those lines of communication and expect me to pick up where we left off as if nothing happened...  I honestly don't know how I will handle it if that day comes.  I may or may not welcome you back with open arms.  You will just have to take what you get. Just saying you're sorry just doesn't fix everything between us.

For now I must close the book on this chapter in my life.   Closing my eyes, won't make the pain go away.  Drying my tears, won't make them sting any less.  The memories may fade with time and eventually my heart will stop beating for you.  Until that day comes, I still wish you the best in life.


  1. Sad to lose a friend or anyne so close for no real reason. And as good as a friendship may have been , even if they do come back , the huirt is remembered and the trust , well it never really comes back does it?

  2. To make the choice to walk away and end it all is a deliberate act and I don't forgive or forget that easily. The loss is theirs.

  3. Wow. So eloquent!
    I'll be your friend, Pixie. Don't be sad.

  4. Dawn- not really all that sad. Disappointed- yes. Sad? Not so much.

    Queen-Size- I agree completely.

    Fern Valley- no it doesn't does it?

    I was in brief contact with this person the other night. I told them I wished them the best. I love you, but can respect your wishes enough to walk away. Their reply was that I am nice and a sweet person. That doesn't help or make things any easier.


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