Roots are a good thing, lest anyone may possibly forget. Roots help keep the ground intact when the rains come. Roots may also lie dormant, while the top of a plant seems to die. What you see is not always what you get. 

Roots help establish things. Once the roots are grown, it is much like the foundation of a house or building.  You may tear down the walls, but the foundation is still there, ready to support something new.

Same goes for plants and their roots.  Leaves may come and go, spring forth and die off, but as long as the roots survive- it can come back with a bit of care.  Sometimes the roots are where it's at, such as potatoes, ginger or carrots.

Like the roots on a plant, sometimes we forget where we come from, what we have learned and what has helped make us who we are today.  Then it happens. Something hits you square in the face as a reminder. Go back to your roots. They will tell you what you need to grow from here. 

As the spring rains come, the garden starts to grow again. The roots were there all this time.  Lying hidden in the earth, just beneath the surface.


  1. Very well said,its always a good thing to stop in our all fired panic to move ahead and change and grow,to stop and remember what we have already learned and what of that we can use now and in the future

  2. Careful now, roots can often be gnarled, twisted and ugly. Usually the beautiful part of the plant is above the surface, the ugliest part is hidden in the dirt. The roots.

  3. Another beautiful, ethereal post from the badass Pixie Girl!


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