Because of a friend

Because of a friend,
I swallowed my pride.
I picked up the phone
and put the past aside.

I did what I could,
to help a friend in need.
It's just what you do,
in times like these.

When she called at a time,
that she normally didn't...
I answered the phone,
Never crossed my mind- I wouldn't.

To hear that she needed,
the help that she did
She turned to me,
when others just hid.

How could they do that?
Do they have no shame?
Apparently not.
They all play games.

As the plans fell through
On favors I sought,
things fell into place,
as she fell, she was caught.

But because of a friend,
I picked up the phone.
If I hadn't that day,
I might not have grown.

The things in the past,
that I had put aside.
May have gone unchanged,
Where part of me had died.

Instead they were new,
refreshed and restored.
A little different now,
maybe better than before.

So because of a friend,
someone I held dear,
has returned to their place
in my heart, always near.


  1. Thank you. The person I wrote this for and about, was welling up with tears when she read it. Which made me do the same just thinking about her.


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