Where Dreams go to die

Somewhere there is a place nearby
where rarely there is but a dry eye,
A place where tears ebb and flow
A place where some dare not to go.

A place so dark, dreary and drab
Sometimes a place scattered with slabs,
Stone and granite, chiseled and carved
Where thoughts and hope are often starved.

It's not always close or even far
To reach this place, it's where you are,
A place that is rarely as it would seem
Certainly not a palace of dreams.

It is instead a place of despair
A place where often be still the air,
What is this place? It is no lie,
It's the place where Dreams go to die.

Nothing grows there trees, grass, nor weeds
The wind doesn't blow to scatter their seeds.
The air instead is calm and still
For all is lost- hope and will.

Beneath the ground these dreams are buried
Beyond existence their reasons varied,
Those who held these Dreams so true
have given up and you shall too.

The sun may shine, the rain may fall
Promises broken to one and all,
Once you're there, you too shall know
Why to this place not many go.

Looking out across the land
Nobody cares to understand,
You will not question, nor wonder why
This is where Dreams go to die.


  1. Amazing. Just Amazing. I wish I had your talent, to write poetry like this. Wow.

  2. Where Dreams go to die
    Sounds like you have visited the BlackLOG already....

  3. Thank you FV.

    Dawn- sometimes it just flows...

    BlackLOG- Never have before, is this an invitation?


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