Deliberate disobedience

Similar to deliberate deception, but not quite the same. One is lying, the other is often followed by lying. You decide which is which.  Either way, both are disrespectful.  


  1. In my house they lie about lying. He's so good at it that it should be an olympic sport

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  3. Gotta think on this one, I hate dishonesty . to me it is the ultimate insult , by lying to me , the person is making the assumption that I am too stupid to recognise the truth and the lack of it . Not only disrespecting me ,but also my intelligence. Deliberate disobedience, as I see it is not much different.Challenging ,behavior for the purpose of baiting another into action or anger is dishonest as well.

  4. I'd like to have a t-shirt that reads, "Deliberate Disobedience."

  5. Queen Sized- No kidding, right? I know what you mean. If they lie about it long enough, somehow it becomes the truth.

    FernValley- I hear you on this one. Challenging behavior is usually right alongside these two.

    Mandy_Fish- I think black lettering on a pink shirt would be best suited for this, No? Just remember to put a picture of the Pixie on there...

  6. Mandy_Fish- And would you be opposed to that?

    I didn't think you would.


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