If you dream it

The end of October I posted about having a dream of someone from my past. Dream interpretations on a few different websites mentioned unresolved issues that might be there. But everything had been resolved years ago. There was nothing left to go over, no pressing issues to figure out, no terms to agree on, everything was just Done. It was over, we had both moved on. We were each ok with that and there was nothing to resolve.

When I dreamt of this person from my past- we were in a strange place, nowhere that I know of. He passed me by on the street, said nothing, just looked blankly at me as he walked on by. I had only seen him, yet I knew. That was enough.

Our mutual friend? I hadn't heard from them in a few years. Things had ended badly between us and there was some animosity, hurt feelings, jealousy and the like. So be it and I thought we had both moved on as well.

What happens next is a bit crazy. I got a text from the mutual friend over the holidays. Apparently they have been talking for some time and my name had been the direct focus of many of their conversations. The timing? This all started within days of my dream.


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