Thoughtful words

I hope everyone has had a Happy New Years celebration, one they enjoyed. Seven days into the new year and I hear people all around me talking about their resolutions, most of which may last a few days tops, if that long.

Last year was the second year I engaged in a new tradition a friend of mine had passed along to me. Selecting a word or phrase for the year.  It's a word you choose to have in your life, something you want to see, hear, do or be more of. A word that inspires you, soothes you, eases your pain, grief or sorrow and allows you to be yourself, heal, grow, learn and expand.

Throughout the year, you will notice how many times the word itself comes into play in the array of circumstances in your life. How the word applies, how the very definition of it even changes and how you see yourself progressing, gravitating and even moving toward that word. It's amazing how once you try it, you will not likely go back to the idea of resolutions.  Just a thought.


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