There are so many things to be said about this one simple word.

There are flightless birds. They are grounded.

There is a sense of being 'grounded' and keeping your feet on the ground while your dreams take flight.

Of course there is being 'grounded' as punishment which surely we all were at some point when growing up.

I guess the context in which the word is used is where we each find it's meaning. Sometimes the meaning is found on a personal level.


  1. I've always been rather fond of the word that, purely based on how many times you can legitimately use it in a sentence.

    "That that that that person was talking about was that that that that other person was talking about"

  2. I know I like my pepper to be grounded up real fine.

  3. You're right, Pixie- it's kind of a cool word, and I never really thought about it. Till now. You rock.

  4. all valid points and definitions of the word, funny but I have always found it to be positive, "feet on the ground " base of support (which brings to mind a long ago post about sneaky kickers ,but I digress) Anyhow a base of support from which you soar!


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