Same old, same old.

A tiger doesn't change their stripes. We have all heard this and variations of it. A Rose is a Rose. Yet some people try to change their names, have surgery done, get makeovers and still they are the same within. 

The last post spoke of those who complain about things or tell you not to, you can't or whatever comes to mind, yet they themselves have done nothing to fix the situation, help or let alone institute a change.  The other end of the spectrum is those who try too hard to change everything about themselves, but either they forget, ignore or simply don't know that the biggest changes come from within.

We have seen the person who goes to the salon, pays out in excess for a tan from the tanning beds, changes their hair color, gets cosmetic surgeries galore- to change their nose, reduce wrinkles, enlarge their breasts, remove fat and all for naught, because they are still the same person on the inside. Same personality, same intelligence (or lack of), same sense of humor, same laugh... They are still. the. damn. same.  Just because the packaging chages, the product inside likely has not. 

Some people go as far as to move, switch jobs or careers, snub their friends and find new ones, buy a new car, take up a new hobby and yet...  They are still the same miserable wretch of a person they have always been. It may take a while for things to catch up, but it does happen.  People learn of their past, see them for who they really are. The mask no longer hides the facade of their life.  They may possibly learn to change themselves, but often they do not. They simply don't know how. If they did, they would have transformed themselves long ago.  The money they spent on the outside packaging, could have been better spent on things they enjoy, which would have improved everything about them.


  1. well said, this and the last post , wrapping paper doesn't make garbage any more valuable .. but shine up the insides,grow, and develop and learn from our mistakes , can make a dull stone into a diamond

  2. I was going to change my nome de plume to Cranky Old Dude,
    now i have changed my mind.

    Cranky Olod Man

  3. I won't argue your basic point, but I do think that a lot of people (not all) TRY to continually evolve, work to become a better person in their own eyes.
    I personally feel that I am ever-changing; I may not get it right all the time, but I keep trying.


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